Surf Infusion

Surf Infusion

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Which hair type is it good for? 
✔ Straight 
✔ Wavy 
✔ Curly 
✔ Coiled 
✔ Tightly Coiled 

What it is: 
An oil and salt-infused spray for visibly soft, wind-swept, and sea-tossed waves. 

Key benefits: 
- Texturizes 
- Volumizes 
- Hydrates 

If you want to know more… 
For a softer twist on beachy, sun-dried styles, the unique salt-in-oil formula of Surf Infusion builds a textured look with a sheen finish to capture the sunlight. A blend of tropical oils, sea botanicals, and a sea mineral complex smooth the hair, building a light-reflective, tousled look, while UV filters guard against the sun’s drying rays. Ideal for healthy hair that feels dry, fine, medium, or coarse, this product conditions as it builds sultry volume.

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